Designed for the lifestyle of today's man.
More than 150 years making sophisticated, premium quality shoes, clothing and accessories.
Sold internationally and in 350 privately-owned stores and 12 shops-in-shop in Palacio de Hierro, Mexico's leading high-end department store chain.

Italian fashion house


International Italian Fashion Store.
Currently one store in Monterrey Parque Arboleda.

Fashion clothing for women and men created by this prestigious designer, including shoes and accessories.
Currently one store in Monterrey Parque Arboleda.

Spanish brand of espadrilles, handmade, light-weight cloth, informal wear sandals for women, men and children. Tradition and innovative design since 1946.
Currently available in 5 stores, 12 shops-in-shop in El Palacio de Hierro store and 10 in Liverpool.

Suitcases and accessories for travel


The latest luxury collection of Tumi suitcases, briefcases, handbags, backpacks, bandoliers and business accessories.
Available in 4 Tumi stores.

Premium Luggage. The most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the travel industry. Reparation free of charge.
Currently available in 5 stores. First shops-in-shop opening soon in El Palacio de Hierro.

Italian Baggage Store


Premium Luggage

with lifetime warranty.
Currently 5 stores and opening soon, 6 shops-in-shop in El Palacio de Hierro.

Australian Sportswear

Lorna Jane

"High-end" Australian sportswear for demanding women on the go.
Three stores.

Swiss Performance Shoes


Swiss high performance sports tennis shoes.
First worldwide store, 2 stores in existences.

Innovative cutting edge GPS technology in various markets including aviation, nautical, outdoor, health and wellness, and mobile applications.
First store worldwide, 2 stores in existence.

American Cap Store

New era

Cap stores for major league baseball teams, NBA, NFL, soccer, golf, and more.
Three stores available.

Reaching the pinnacle of the mountain is an instinct, a goal, a vocation and forms part of the history and essence of Sportiva since 1928.
Two stores in existence.

Makeup Store

Presticious make up store with renown high quality products to create your own palette.
We have 3 stores and 4 kiosks.

Spa, skincare & beauty store


International spa service providing premium quality, beauty and wellness products.
One store.

Swiss Facial and Body Treatments


One store and 4 shops-in-shop in El Palacio de Hierro department stores.

Bon Arome

Unique "high-end" perfumery brands allow you to personalize your own perfume.
One store.

Diptyque Paris

Legendary perfumer and French manufacturer of luxury scented candles, fragances for the home and collection for body care.
We have 1 store and 5 shops-in-shop in El Palacio de Hierro.


Italian brand of natural bath and beauty products.
One store.

Over 40 years manufacturing cosmetics using natural techniques. The benefits of love for nature transformed by science into beauty.
Two stores.